May 5, 2013

3 May 2013 (New Girlfriend)

A really awesome day for me to be honest, it has been a long time since I was happy with a new girlfriend but now I am.Who knows how much will it last but I hope for the best !

She called me on the 2 of may (yesterday) and asked me out but in that day I was kind of busy so I refused and today we met and now we are together. The interesting part is that she is 21 years old and I am only 17 and I was kind of shocked when she told me but in a good way. She doesn't even look like a 21 year old, more of a 15 year old but still she is really pretty and fun to be with. After we hooked up we went to a bar and we stayed there (me,my girlfriend and her sister and a friend of mine) until 6 am in the morning (my friend left around 5 am).

The other stuff that happened in that day was not that important, just walks with my friends, with my new girlfriend and her sister and that's kind of it.

Have Love , Not Hate !!

May 4, 2013

2 May 2013 ( Chilling at home )

I will try to keep it short because I am really tired and I need some sleep, sorry but better than nothing.

A chill day, my grandmother went to the church and she was away for a longer time than usual so I called some of my friends over and they came. We smoked some weed, drank a coffee, played with the dog and ate so nothing special. When it started to get late we went out and got some more weed and this was all my day. A chilling and boring day.

Sorry for the short post !

May 2, 2013

1 May 2013 ( Labor day & Visiting my "sister" )

One may, the labor day ! Everybody off work doing BBQ , having fun , racing in the city and hot girls everywhere. A nice day to have fun and walk in the city, lots of stuff that you could do with a lot of different people, what I decided to do on this day was to visit my sister ( it was my turn ). After I woke up , I drank my coffee , I got dressed and went directly to the bus station to get to here ( she lives in the county side around 20 km away from my town ) , it cost me 0.70 Euro to get there and the same amount to get back so not that expensive,it was affordable. This was my first time actually going to her house, I have meet her parents and brother and they were really nice to me to, didn't complain about the tattoos or anything, they were some nice guests. Over at my sister we didn't do much, we ate some BBQ , drank some home made wine and walked around the county in the killing sun.

Now for the fun part, it got late and I couldn't find any bus to get home so after half and hour of waiting I decided that I should try hitchhiking to get home. Eventually someone stopped and toked me with them and I gave them 1 Euro for helping me out.

Back to boring stuff ! After I got back in town I went to meet with my friends, with them it was my ex love ( yes I loved her and I think that I still do ) , it has been around 6 months since we broke up but I am starting to get over her and yes love sucks ! I think that I will talk about her in a different post , like the Tattoo post because there are a lot to say about her and a lot of stories to be told and written. Anyway I toked two of my friends with me to meet with a girl, she gave me a phone message that day telling me to come over her place so she would give me 3 Euro and I did and she gave me the money, I stayed with her only for like 15-20 minutes , after I went over to a friends working place and asked him for 1.50 Euro so I could buy some food ( he owned me that money ) and as usual he didn't have any money but he did have food and I did ate it all.

After all that walking was time to go back and meet with the rest of my friends and chill down, again I did have a fight with them ( one of my best friends girlfriend is a retarded prostitute , she actually is a whore, does it for a living and that is why my friend doesn't break up with her ) but we came to pace and bought some weed and chilled down. After I smoked with them they left and me and the two friends that came with me at the girls house we went to the guy that gave us food and bought some more weed and smoked it. Eventually around 4-5 am we went home and to sleep.

That was all folks !!

30 April 2013 ( my lovely "sister" )

Late posting again ! I am starting to be annoying with all this late posting but the only thing I can say is sorry that I didn't find the time to write those days but I am catching up with all the posts in one day so just a matter of time so it is not that a big of a deal.

 So lets start, on the day of 30 April , a nice day of Tuesday my "sister" came over again but this time with my ex girlfriend ( I didn't know she was bringing her over ), anyway the girl is really annoying but I endured , I couldn't kick her on the streets either so I really had no choice. After we drank the coffee ( she brought me weed to ) and chilled for a hour or two my sister called a taxi and we went out to drink a soda ( I don't really like alcohol that much ) and she actually payed for everything so that was really sweet of her and I really love her like she would be my actual sister, I've known her for four years and we get along even better everyday that passes by. In that day my other friends got a little pissed on me because I didn't want to go on a walk with them but I already did with my sister and some other friends and the hot weather outside would've killed you ( in a joke way but it was really hot outside ). After she left the rest of my day was really boring, had a fight with my friends again as usual and then went home,nothing interesting happened after just watched some  movies then went to sleep ( I almost finished "Chuck" ).

Here is a picture of me and my "sister" :

Feel the Summer sun !!

Apr 30, 2013

29 April 2013 ( Coffee and weed & walk gone bad )

Ok I will write this post in 2 main "chapters" of the important and interesting stuff that happened today as you can see in the title. So here we go !

I. Coffee and weed !

Phone started ringing in the morning and woke me up ( around 12:30-13:00 pm ), it was my "sister" ( really  good female friend that I know for a long time and I trust ). She wanted me to come in town and hang out and because I didn't have any money and she just woke me up from my sleep I refused her then she said that she haves a surprise for me and that she is coming over and she also wanted to eat so I agreed with her offer. When she arrived over at my place she threw on my table some weed, we drank a cup of coffee , smoked some weed and then we ate some eggs, my grandmother cooked. We lazed in front of the laptop for the rest of the day, it was to hot outside to go for a walk and we were to broke to go anywhere.

II. Walk gone bad !

When the weather started to cool off we toked my dog for a walk and my "sister" had to meet with some of her friends.From one park to another we walked and laughed and the dog looked as sharp as he could have ever been, I put his bow around his neck again today ! He just looks so handsome like that, you have to love  him. So after a long walk and running and failed attempts to train him we went to the hood for some rest ( most of us gathered in the park ), but before I got there some other friends called me and invited me to a bar to smoke some weed and I did go ( alone ) then I went to the hood and met with my friends again and toked my dog back from them and after some time Okami my husky ) pulled really hard so he can chase a cat and he broke the thing that you grab the leash to the collar so there I was chasing the God damn dog around the parking lot for almost 1 hour. Eventually a gypsy grabbed him and I could safely take him home.

So this was my day full of awesome and bad moments ! Hope you enjoyed !